Getting to know each dog's unique personality

Every single pup is different. Just like us two-legged folks, they are all special snowflakes with their own likes and dislikes and quirks. It's really fun to get to know them all. I don't know if I've made this clear enough yet buuut... It will feel like they are your children.


Get fit while you work

By its very nature, working in this industry you will be on your feet for much of the day. Most walkers offer services of one hour or half-hour walks for their canine clients. And if you manage to squeeze four-hour-long walks into a single day, you could potentially cover over 70 miles a week if you operated for six out of the seven days (we’re all allowed a day off!). That is the distance between Manchester and York, or nearly three marathons every week.

Spending so much time on the go is likely to do untold wonders to your physical well-being. Obviously, your leg muscles will get an excellent workout every day from pounding the pavements or wooded trails (whichever your preferred route).

However, your upper body will also feel the benefits from walking dogs, especially if you’re charged with walking a particularly headstrong pooch. Keeping control of hard-pullers is going to put your arm and shoulder muscles to the test – meaning you’re getting an all-round workout, helping you maintain a healthy weight.

Aside from what you can see, regular walking is good for your internal organs and systems. Walking for 30 minutes a day is good for getting the blood pumping around your body and is excellent for all things cardio-related, from blood pressure to cholesterol. There’s also the plus-side that it’s also good for reducing the risk of diabetes, arthritis and other diseases.

You get to meet cool people that also love dogs

Dogs bring people together. And if you love dogs as much as I do, you know how fantastic it is to meet people that love dogs as much as you do. It's really great to share that with other people. And all different kinds of people love dogs and need their own pups to get some lovin' while they're at work, or on vacation. This job gives you the opportunity to meets all kinds of people, knowing right off that bat that you have something in common. I've made friends with some of the pet parents I work with. We have good conversations (often about the funny and adorable things their dogs do). It's pretty neat.


Now, since I mentioned all these pros to dog walking, I suppose I should be fair and list the cons.


...Picking up poop, I guess??


Honestly, dog-walking and dog-sitting is a really great job. It isn't an easy job, and it does take a lot of work, but it is also really fun and rewarding. You will learn a lot, and meet a lot of good two-legged and four-legged people while doing it. And let me tell you, after a few months of walking multiple dogs a day, your legs will be looking fiiiiine.

So if you're interested, do some research and start applying! I highly recommend it.

Improved mental well-being

Other benefits from a career as a dog walker concern your mental health. Studies have shown that spending time with dogs is a hit when it comes to reducing the level of the stress-inducing hormone, cortisol, in your body.

It’s not just the presence of dogs that can relive the stresses of everyday life. By swapping a busy office with tasks to be done left, right and centre, for an open field with just you and your canine clients, your working environment is improved.

There’s no manager expecting a piece of work on their desk first thing in the morning, or demanding customers causing a headache (the customer can’t always be right, right?). There’s no guarantee every dog owner is going to be a ray of sunshine, but you are highly likely to experience a more relaxing workplace as a dog walker.

 Seeing puppies grow up




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