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4 Factors to Consider Before Hiring a Dog Walking Business

Hiring a Dog Walking Business

There are more than 230,000 dogs currently in Toronto. It is safe to say that Canadians love dogs. But it is also obvious that work takes up most of their time leaving a very small window to take their pets out on a walk.

You may not have the time to take your furry friends out for walks given the busy schedule. Don’t forget to shower your pets with much-deserved love though. Give them the necessary exercise to remain healthy – and a dog walking Toronto service can help.

You get to choose the walking package you want, and your pet gets the perfect balance of exercise and love. So, what are the top things that you need to take care of while choosing a dog walker Toronto? Here is a look.

1. Customer Feedback and Recommendations

You can’t simply trust anyone with your pet’s safety. Be sure to check the company’s customer feedbacks before hiring it to walk your dog. Also, dog walkers are quite social so you can ask people walking their dogs in a garden for recommendations. You can also ask your friends and family members to find out which dog walking business they prefer.

Local vets and online chat forums are a few suggested ways to choose the right dog walking business for your dog. When recommended by a trustworthy source, it becomes a little easy to leave your pet on their watch.

2. The Rapport

Deciding whether your dog and the dog walker get along is very simple if you remain observant. Start by setting up a meet for the two, if your dog seems jovial and excited when the dog walker is around, that’s a great sign. Some of the professional dog walking Toronto services have professionals you can trust right away.

By setting up a meet you can also notice how the person is handling your dog. Even if your dog is not friendly straight away, give them some time to bond.

3. The Number of Dogs

Dog walking businesses are big and they may allocate more than one dog to their walkers. When interviewing the dog walking company, find out the maximum number of dogs that are walked at the same time.

If the business walks multiple dogs at once, it’s great for sociable dogs. However, not all dogs feel comfortable walking in a group. Get information about the type of dogs that will accompany your little friend and how content they are with the company.

4. Entertainment

The whole point of hiring a dog walking business is that your canine companion has fun and remains healthy. They are a part of our family and their happiness is what matters. Dog walking is not just about the exercise, but enjoyment plays an important role in keeping our furry companions content. Ask the Toronto dog walkers whether they provide toys and play games too for your pet.

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