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5 brilliant hacks that can help stop your dog from barking

stop your dog from barking

Dogs can bark due to various reasons. There isn’t a single reason why your pet does that. They might bark due to excitement when you take them for a walk or give them treats. If they are in fear, they can as well.

Some dogs get frustrated when they cannot grab their tails with their mouth. They bark to show their frustration. When a stranger or someone your dog doesn’t like passes by, they tend to bar to show off their territory.

You need to know why your pet is doing it.

Identifying the reason can help you make them learn to control the habit. Here are some simple tips to help.

· Move them out of the place:

If you find your dog barking at a stranger or even your neighbour who is just passing by, move him away. Close the window shield, if you’re at home, to stop him from seeing the road and the passer-by. Give yummy treats when he controls his behaviour by not looking through the window.

· Keep him busy:

Let him play energetically all through the day. A young dog requires a lot of exercises to get tired. If you are someone with a busy schedule, arrange someone to take your dog for a walk during the afternoons. Engage him with lots of toys, so that he will not feel bored. Dogs feel anxiety due to separation from their owners. By keeping him engaged for the whole day, you remove his distress.

· Work on commands:

Do not shout while your dog is barking. He might think that you are encouraging him, and is participating in his play. Ignore while he is barking. Teach him commands like ‘Speak’ first. When he barks on command, encourage and appreciate him by giving delicious treats.

After mastering the ‘Speak’ command, try teaching him ‘hush’ or ‘quiet’ commands. Give treats when he remains silent. Slowly increase the duration of his silence by giving him treats at different intervals.

· Ignore the barking:

Engage yourself in some other activities, and do not notice him while he is barking. Sometimes your dog might bark to seek your attention, to express his frustration. You should not give in for these kinds of barks. He might stop barking at one point if you stop paying attention to him. Give him a treat when he stops barking.

Take Your Pet Out for Walks

Your dog needs to be happy and content, and there is nothing like a good walk! You don’t have to worry about taking time off your schedule with dog walkers. With a dog walking Toronto agency, you can choose any of the flexible packages, to take your pet out every day.

With the right dog walkers around, you could have a happier and healthier dog who is more social.

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