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5 Healthy Foods That Your Dog Needs To Stay Fit

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

How much do you take care of your four-legged friend? Want your dog to look as healthy and playful as the furry ones in those advertisements? Make sure you provide him with all the nutrients he requires to be his best self. Serving dog food is not enough.

Dogs can eat a lot of other nutritious things that we may not be aware of. Take time out and make your dog some of the meals. Cooking for your pet can be very rewarding. Work with your puppy's schedule and feed him the following items at a good time. Couple that with our best dog walking package deals, and you can get a happy and healthy furry friend.

Bone Broth

This is not an off-the-shelf food item. You have to make this bone broth for your dog at home. It is the best thing to make if you feel like cooking something for your dog. Just simmer low the bone with apple cider vinegar for a few hours so that the nutrients get infused in the broth. This broth has healing properties that will

- Detoxify the liver

- Offer relief from joint pain

- Boost the immunity system

- Improve cognition and memory.

Above all, most dog sicknesses start from the gut. The gelatin in the broth will help in faster digestion of fats and proteins. Add this broth in the diet of your dog, and he will never fall sick!


It’s the best bio available source of protein. You can prepare the egg for your dog in the following ways:

· Scrambled

· Hard boiled

· Soft boiled (6 minutes approx.)

Half an egg is adequate for a small breed, but a big breed should be fed an entire egg. Make sure to remove the egg-shell before serving the egg to the dog.

Omega 3- oils

Several food items can provide your dog with omega 3- oils. Oily fish is proven to be the best source of omega 3 oils. Give your dog small, oily fish regularly. This will work as brain food, anti-inflammatory, and good for heart, skin, and eye.

Sardines and anchovies are better options as compared to farm-raised fish.

Other sources of omega 3-oils are krill oil, calamari oil, and cod liver oil.


Kelp will make sure that your dog gets the required amount of trace minerals. Kelp has iodine, zinc, and magnesium. These nutrients are important because they maintain your dog's:

- Thyroid

- Metabolism

- Digestion

- Immunity system

You can buy sea veggie as packaged food from a supermarket or order it online.

Fermented Food

Fermented food such as yogurt, fermented veggies, fermented fish stock, and kombucha can provide probiotics to your dog. These food products have a huge number of probiotics and work wonders in

- Detoxing the bowels

- Helping leaky gut

Fermented food products are abounding in nutrients such as lactic acid, B vitamins, and Choline.

Giving healthy food to your dog is the most important way in which you can care for him. Other than a conscious diet, focusing on fun positive play and socializing can also improve your dog's physical and mental health. Our dog walkers can help your furry friend walk every day and take care of them when you aren’t around. Take a look at one of our many dog walking packages and deals Toronto.

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