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7 Questions to Ask Your Dog Walker Before Leaving Your Pet with Them

Questions to ask your dog walker

When you are looking for a dog walking Toronto business, what do you search for? From the flexibility in dog walking Toronto packages to having professional dog walkers, everything’s important.

Asking the Right Questions

Ensuring that your dog is in safe hands is critical when hiring a dog walker. This involves asking them the right questions during the initial phase. Here are seven questions to ask a dog walker before trusting them to keep your canine friend safe.

1. How long have you been walking dogs?

You want an experienced dog walker that knows how to tackle situations like a pro. However, if you believe a less experienced walker would be a good fit, go for it. Always trust your instinct and how the walker interacts and connects with your dog. Experienced walkers will know how to handle tricky situations that arise better than amateurs.

2. Are you licensed, bonded, and insured?

Bonding and insurance protect you and the dog walker from theft and negligence. The key difference between the two terms is that bonding keeps you protected against theft and insurance keeps you covered during mishaps. Anyone can say that they are insured, however, make sure to check their documentation and ask them to provide proof.

3. Do you have a professional contract?

Any professional dog walker must have a legal contract ready for their clients. Read this contract thoroughly and confer any concerns or doubts with them. This agreement will define your relationship, liabilities, and be inclusive of all the details decided before hiring them.

4. Where do you store personal information?

This is very important as this person or company will have access to all your personal information. Where you live? How to get past the security system? Do you have a pet? Everything.

Make sure they store all this information on a secure server or keep it locked in a safe cabinet.

5. Do you offer free consultations?

Most dog walkers will be willing to offer a free meet and greet. This meeting determines whether your dog and the walker have chemistry. Only then will your pup enjoy the daily walks and be comfortable in their presence. Know that you are not obligated to hire them after a meetup. This meeting is just to ensure that they are a good fit for your pet.

6. How many dogs do you walk at a time?

Some dog walkers walk one dog at a time whereas others walk a group together. This is all about preference. If you are comfortable with the idea of your dog walking with unfamiliar dogs, great. If not, you can always get a different dog walker.

Observe your dogs' social behavior. Some pups aren't comfortable in large groups so, observe carefully and then decide.

7. Will there be a backup to cover for you on your days off?

What if the dog walker gets sick? Or decides to enjoy a vacation without making other arrangements?

Find out beforehand what arrangements will they make in case of emergencies or on occasions they are unable to take your dog out. This is not being inconsiderate, but your little friend deserves and needs to be taken out for walks regularly.

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