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Do Dogs Benefit the Same Way from CBD (Cannabidiol) Like Humans?

Scientists and doctors are busy experimenting the therapeutic properties of CBD or cannabidiol. The compound is found in both marijuana and hemp plants and has the potential for treating neurological conditions, autoimmune diseases, gut disorders, cardiovascular dysfunction and more!

But does it mean CBD is beneficial in the same ways to your furry friend? The market is now full of treats, oils and supplements containing CBD for your dogs. Yet, there is a strong confusion about the product, its benefits and whether it is legal to use.

We will address all your concerns in this post so that you can make an informed decision about your pet.

CBD Doesn't Get Your Dog High!

THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol in cannabis is responsible for making you stoned. But CBD is mainly derived from hemp which contains only around 0.5% of THC. So the extracted CBD doesn't contain any THC and your dog will not get high.

This makes CBD ideal for treating several conditions both from a legal and medical perspective.

The Benefits of CBD for Dogs

The different compounds in cannabis interact with your body through the endocannabinoid system. It is a series of neurons found in humans and compounds from cannabis bind to these receptors to produce desired effects.

As it turns out, dogs also have endocannabinoid systems and are suitable candidates to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of CBD.

So what does CBD actually help with?

Reduces Anxiety

CBD has shown to reduce various forms of anxiety in many studies. It produces a calming effect on your dogs and helps fight generalized anxiety, fears, stress, phobia and separation anxiety.

Fights Seizures

3% of dogs are known to suffer from seizures. CBD can cut down the frequency and duration of seizures in both humans and dogs. It can be a worthy alternative treatment devoid of side effects that also doesn't harm the liver.

Prevents Arthritis

The anti-inflammatory effects of CDB reduce joint swelling in dogs and help prevent arthritis.

Helps in Inflammation

CBD has been shown to reduce inflammation in several studies proving useful for the treatment of various ailments. Even patients of IBD (Inflammatory bowel disease) have been able to reduce their symptoms by taking CBD.

Reduces Pain

CBD has significant therapeutic value in treating different conditions of chronic pain. It can also help in mobility issues associated with pain.

Relieves Nausea and Vomiting

Both humans and dogs can take benefit of anti-nausea properties of CBD and even get relief from vomiting.

Increased Appetite

Your dog may be reluctant to eat at certain periods. CBD has been proved to increase appetite and helps your dog get his nutrition in a safe way.

Cancer Treatment

CBD has been shown in studies to provide relief from symptoms of cancer. It can also prevent the growth of cancerous cells, kill cancer tumour cells and improve immunity.

Forms of CBD Oil for Dogs

You can find mainly two types of CBD oil for dogs-

CBD Isolate: The products contain only CBD without any extra additives. They are ideal for people who want their dogs to have only CBD.

Full-Spectrum CBD Oil: The products have other ingredients along with CBD which may provide additional health benefits.

Is CBD Oil Legal?

CBD oil is legal in places where medical marijuana is legal. You can also get it without any troubles if your state has legalized recreational marijuana. But there are some places where CBD is still considered illegal.

For example, CBD is a controlled substance under the Controlled Drug and Substances Act in Canada. So you can't get it legally even though many companies sell it.

You should check out your state laws and consult with your vet if you want CBD oil for your dog.

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