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Dog Walking: The top ten things you probably didn’t know about

Dog walking Business

Do you know what Daniel Radcliffe, Hugh Jackman, and Keanu Reeves have in common? For one, they love dogs. For another, they know how important dog walking is, a reason they ensure their pet doesn’t forget to take a stroll outside.

Dog walking isn’t really as frivolous as it sounds. And it does not imply going on full John Wick avatar. Going on vacation? Don’t forget dog boarding GTA and dog walking. And when you’re in town, you need to go out with your pet when you can - here is why.

Helps you ward off heart problems

To begin with, a morning or an evening walk is useful, be it in terms of heart problems or cholesterol control not to mention your super friendly pet walking by your side doesn’t hurt either.

You’re sure to be more approachable

Psychologically speaking, people who walk with their dogs, in general, are seen as friendly and approachable. Even patting your pet helps release stress; and who wouldn’t want a cuddle from those lovable, fluffy creatures.

Your pet needs a good walk!

Do you know what a dog loves apart from a great feast? A good walk. Yes, as much as you would benefit from a refreshing 30-minute walk, your dog loves and invigorates off the sights and smells all the way to and fro.

You Can Get Healthy

Wouldn’t you want to be healthy? Going for a walk can help the engine running of both your pet and you.

Can you imagine walking helps a great deal for digestion? Sure, it would be a lot more convenient for a dog to “go” on a schedule. Plus, you will hardly find yourself constipating, ever. So it’s a win-win.

Your Pet Is on Good Behavior

A dog walk often acts as a constructive release of all the energy your dog has stored. And it ensures lesser erratic behaviour. Here is the thing – your pet wants to keep itself engaged, and dogs can easily get bored. It’s why you would find them biting the couch when you aren’t around.

You may have a lot of friends, family, relatives but for your dog, you are the universe. What better way to spend some quality time than with your pet?

It’s Great for Your Pet’s Health

In a study based in Seattle, people who regularly walk their dogs are 25% less likely to be obese than those who don’t.

Your pooch does not think like you. It does not know right from wrong. A walk with the owner helps in the behavioural development that is indeed a quintessential quality for an ideal pet.

One of the best upshots of a walk is that it improves socialization. You get to rub shoulders with new people every day, and who knows eventually they might turn out to be a great friend. Also, you doggo can be playful around others of its species.

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