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How to Prepare Your Home for a Puppy?

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

Puppy visit Toronto Services - City Place Dogs

The joy of bringing home a puppy is unmatched. You want to make them happen. It’s not that easy to make a puppy comfortable though, especially if you are a first time pet owner. How do you take care of them? Can you take them out for a walk always? Do you have the number of the best puppy visit Toronto services, should you need?

The Top Things You Need First

You need to pick up some pet supplies before you bring the puppy home, apart from getting the number of the best puppy visit Toronto services.

● High-quality puppy formula food and plenty of treats

● Stain remover to clean any mess made by the puppy

● Stainless steel food and water bowls that will not tip over

● Identification tags where you can write your puppy's name, along with your name and phone number

● A collar and a leash for the puppy

● Home and travel crate

● Brushes, nail clippers and combs

● Shampoo, toothbrush, and paste appropriate for dogs

● Premium, safe chew toys

● Parasite controls

Prepare the House:

To keep your puppy safe, create good fencing in your yard. The kind of fence you choose will depend on your puppy's personality. Private fencing provides zero openings and helps in containing overenthusiastic puppies.

Chain links and covered kennels are also great options for your new puppy. Underground fencing is not recommended for a puppy that is trying to adapt to new surroundings. You can create a temporary locked living space for the puppy where she can stay when you are not there to help her around.

As long as your furry friend does not feel isolated, they will not complain. Move around the house puppy-proofing anything that you might think will pose a risk to the safety of the puppy.

The Initial Days are Important

Do not bring your puppy into a noisy and loud atmosphere. Enter when the house is quiet, and make sure that there are no outsiders present. If you have designated a potty area in the yard, take your puppy there even before you take him or her into the house. This way, it will be easier for you to potty-train the puppy later on. For the first few days, do not entertain overnight guests as the puppy will feel uncomfortable around new faces.

Your friend needs to adjust to a daily routine that has no surprises. Let them explore - you can put a crate with the bedding and chew toys in the room for them to have fun.

Hire The Best Puppy Visits Toronto Services

Your dog needs to socialize. At City Place Dogs, we offer a reliable dog walking Toronto service. You don’t have to worry about taking your dog out every day. Our dog talking experts can do it for you. Subscribe to one of our dog walking packages. Let us take your pet out for an hour of walking every day, or even less. Let your furry friend explore the outdoors and the parks with his own friends.

Plus, the best puppy visits Toronto services ensure that even if you are out for work or on vacation, you don’t have to worry. The dog walking experts will visit your place, feed your pet and take care of them.

Don’t Forget to Love Them

Your new friend needs to feel that you are a part of the kin. You need to be gentle with a puppy as you would be with an infant. Be patient - remember, constant supervision and communication are necessary.

Make them learn the bathroom manners, so that they learn bladder control. With a puppy, you have to be a parent.

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