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The Best Things to Do with Your Dog in Toronto

Things to do with your Dog in Toronto

Toronto, one of the most beautiful cities in Canada and the world, has plenty to offer for everyone. The multicultural city has so much to see and so much to do. It’s no wonder people come and fall in love with it, never to leave again.

As a pet owner though, you might be worried about your options. Wondering what you can do with your dog? If you think there's not much to do, you are in for a surprise.

The Top Things You Will Love Doing with Your Pet Dog

Let’s take a look at how you can make things more exciting for your friend.

1. Go to a dog-friendly patio.

Seen signs hung outside restaurants and other businesses stating pets are not allowed? Worry no more. There are different patios in Toronto that are dog friendly.

Go with your dog and enjoy some chilled beer. Search for the businesses near you that allow pets.

2. Explore the parks with your dog.

There are many parks in Toronto that you can go explore with your bud. You can always go hiking and trekking. In some of the places, you don't even need to put your dog on a leash.

The trails are well-maintained, ensuring it will be fun both for you and your dog. Sherwood Park, for one, is a good place for dog lovers. There are sure to be more around you. Google it.

3. Attend festivals

If you’re looking for some great bonding time, there is nothing like going to an event. There are different events held for pets in the city throughout the year. Paws in the park is a popular dog-friendly festival held in August every year.

4. Explore the Toronto Island Park.

There are a few places that are sure to be a favorite for both of you. Toronto Island Park is a must that you need to visit. You can reach it by ferry – which also allows dogs on it. You and your bud can go and explore the beautiful terrains of the park, while soaking in the sun.

5. Take a walk with your dog in the city.

Toronto is beautiful and there are new places to explore everyday. The best time are the mornings and evenings. You are sure to find a lot of people taking their pets for a walk.

Don’t think you can get time? You can also hire puppy walks GTA services to help you out. Choose from different dog walking packages, either hourly or even ones for thirty minutes each. Your friend could go out for a walk with other dogs, in the company of a dog walking expert, even when you aren’t around. If your dog’s moving around, he is sure to remain healthy.

There are a ton of things you can do with your dog in Toronto. Are you ready to explore?

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