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The Top 5 Tips to help Your Dogs Socialize Better

Tis to help Your Dogs Socialize Better

Socializing your dog means exposing him to various positive interactions with other dogs and humans. Like humans, every dog is different when it comes to socializing. Some dogs might be friendly and social as it is. But, some might not like to play with other dogs or humans.

If your dog is not playing with other canine friends in the dog park, it doesn’t mean they are getting aggressive. It could be that your pal is not comfortable running with the other group of dogs.

What do you do then? Remember, a puppy learns to socialize with other dogs in 4 to 8 weeks. The socialization period also varies.

· Dog Parks:

The primary step of socialization of your dog with other canines begins here. But, we advise you to hold your dog on a leash outside the park for the first few days. Let him look at other puppies and dogs inside the park. If he looks fearless and less aggressive, you can try taking him inside. If he doesn’t play with other dogs inside the park, do not force him to play with them. Instead, try other choices to begin socialization in him.

· Daily walks:

Ask your friend to bring their dog to a common place where you can meet with your dog. Walk with them every day, holding the canines at a considerable distance from each other.

If they are comfortable with each other, let them walk together for a few more days. If they walk such that their tails brush each other, then you can let them off the leash to have some fun.

With a professional dog walking Toronto agency, you can have your pet walking with other ones – together. You don’t have to worry about taking time off your schedule too. Let professional dog walkers do it for you.

· Dog training classes:

Training classes are a great way to begin socializing in your dog. Let them learn obedience and agility skills in the training. The classes let your dog see other pups from a considerable distance. They also teach him to overcome his fear and untrustworthiness of the environment.

· Agility Competitions:

These competitions are for dog breeds which spend most of their time in exercising. You can take them to these competitions where they can meet new dogs and their owners. The competitions will also let you spend time with your dog, and destroys fear in them.

Dog walking Toronto programs also let you socialize your dogs by allowing them to have fun with dog sports like tossing Frisbees and visiting hospitals or rehabilitation centres. After all, just like humans, it takes quite some time for the dogs to adjust with their new environment.

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