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The Top Dog Treats Your Pet Will Love on A Walk

Walking Pet in Canada

The relation of an alga and fungi might be a mutualistic liaison with one depending on the other for food and shelter, but the intricate geometry of the human canine bond is pure, unalloyed. Although dogs herd for us and humans in return feed them and keep them warm, the two species simply adore each other.

You can fathom your pet dog’s sorrow by its menacing howl or jubilant mood by its wagging tail or its look of reproach or even the appeal in its pleading eyes. The expressions are so akin to humans! And thus, it is no surprise to realise how elated dogs are when a treat awaits them on a dog walking spree.

Yes, your dogs deserve some edible indulgence for keeping you company 24*7 and being a loyal pal. Here are some delicacies and treats to buoy up their ever-gladdened golden hearts.

Did someone say cookies?

Organic, handmade cookies and dog biscuits are delicious treats to make your pet’s taste bud and tummy satisfied. Dog treat food markets offer a wide range of raw, grain free and vegetarian brands of such cookies. On a walk through the alleys and by lanes, chew bones accentuate the dog walking. Healthy and safe varieties of bones, offered to your furry pet, keeps it thriving lively on a healthy delicacy.

Food Choices

There is no dearth of choices when it comes to treating your canine friend. Handmade, cute cakes, flavoured with pumpkin honey, sweet potato, brownie cheesecake and peanut butter banana, hand baked gourmet dog cookies, truffles and peanut butter cups, are featured as delectable treats your pets will love to devour. As long as you are not offering your pet too much of these, they should be fine.


If you aim at treating your four-legged chum with a delightful chewing experience and the fun of gnawing, give them Gorilla Chews or Himalayan Dog Chews. They are made of natural products, sustainable and provide high quality eating entertainment. Besides, antlers, split and whole, beefy tendons, bully sticks, tripe twist or high quality joint chews are some items your dog will love. Sweet potato chips are also an exotic chew treat to keep your pet happily occupied.

More chewable choices

For those who wish to avoid rawhide as a chewable material for the fear of choking, pork hide rolls, a form of smoked and dried digestible pig skin, are a tasty and healthy delicacy for your canine companion.

Packaged delicacies

Some packaged delicacies like air dried meats, baked organic dog treats, baked bites of gluten and wheat free meat to serve as a mouth-watering treat. The bakeries that dot the walking area also serve attractive, scrunchy dog cookies or custom-made cakes for your best buddy’s birthday.

In a city thriving with dog lovers, Toronto Dog Walking is passionate about the positive relation between the owner and pet and feels fortunate to have outstanding dog treat stores scattered around. Be it a cookie or bakery item, packaged meat or chew, your dog would love to be rewarded

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