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The Top Heat-Related Illness In Dogs During Summers You Need to Take a Not Of

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

Summers can be hard for your furry friend. Know the warning signs. Your dog can experience severe dehydration.

Even if they are staying indoors mostly, it may not save him from the rising mercury. Canines are prone to heatstroke and dehydration, apart from ticks and mosquitos, and sunburn during the summer season.

The symptoms for each vary. Here is what you should look for.


Canines suffer from severe dehydration during summers. They lose a lot of energy throughout the day because of their various activities.

· Check for dehydration in your dog by pulling his cheeks. If they go back slowly, it means their skin has lost its natural elasticity because of the loss of water.

· Sunken eyes

· Dryness of mouth, nose, and gums

Do not treat dehydration lightly as it can cause organ failure and gradual shutting down of the body. At City Place dogs, we take care of your puppy like they are ours. So, when you do choose one of our flexible dog walking packages, you can be sure that we will keep your dog hydrated.

Ticks and Mosquitos

If your dog has a low immunity system, then he is especially exposed to ticks and mosquitos. They infect the skin of the dog and adversely affect the nervous system. Watch out for its symptoms:

· Vomiting and unsteadiness

· Regurgitation

· Weakness in the hind limbs or loss of muscle movement

· Difficulty in eating

· Poor or complete loss of reflex

Ear Infection

In the hot sticky weather, bugs and mites can latch on to the fur of your dog and even enter his ear causing an ear infection. You should take him to the vet if you see the following symptoms:

· Yellow, brown or bloody discharge from the ear

· Scratching or rubbing of the ear and the area around it

· Tilting or shaking of the head

· Redness in the inner area of the outer ear


Internal parasites such as tapeworms, roundworms and hookworms can attack your dog's body. They can make your dog extremely uncomfortable and low on energy. Some symptoms are-

· Diarrhea - in the case of tapeworms, the stool will have grains of rice. If your dog's stool is bloody then it means that he has hookworms in his system.

· Vomiting

· Coughing

· Weight loss or pot-bellied appearance

· Skin irritations or itching

You may not spot the worm in the dog's stool or vomit. However, do not neglect if you see other symptoms. Hookworms in a puppy can even be fatal. It is important to use the medication to rid your dog of worms.

Let the Best Puppy Visit Toronto Services Help You Out

A healthy and fit dog can ward off diseases better.

We understand your worry about sending your dog outside during summers. Expect the best puppy visit Toronto services when you choose us; we love to be working with your puppy schedule. We take care of your puppy just like ours.

With our best dog walking package and deals, you can choose a package that will suit your schedule. Our dog walkers don’t just take your dog for a walk and make them exercise. We also keep an eye for signs of worry while focusing on fun positive play that your canine friend loves.

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