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The Top Hike Essentials to Go with Your Pet Dog

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Who would forget Jerome K Jerome’s iconic pup, Montmorency, in the episode when the “three men” were packing for the journey?

The next time you are packing for your hiking trip, you have got to think about what’s in your pet dog’s backpack as well. Don’t leave them behind in the corner of your room while vacationing. You can even go for dog boarding GTA if you aren’t taking your friend with you.

You may choose to make your pet wear a pack, but do so gradually. If they wear a collar, start with your dog wearing a harness, then upgrade it to an empty pack and then add weight to it. However, ensure that the weight should ideally be limited to 25% of its own body weight.

Here are some essential items that the mini model of Montmorency in your home requires to take on a hiking trip-


Control over your pet is essential on hiking terrains to ensure their safety. Use a durable leash made of nylon or leather so that it may withstand all the undulating forces on hiking trips.


Identification tags are necessary to ensure that you do not get separated from your pet. Get it inserted with the aid of your veterinary or place a tattoo in the inner thigh of the back leg. Register the tattoo or microchip with an online registration service and keep the contact and communication details updated. You may also use an identification tag with a durable loop ring so that it can be read by anyone even without a microchip scanner.

Water and Food-

Hydration is essential for your four-legged companion. Carry enough water to keep them sufficiently hydrated. Ensure that they are not drinking from stagnant pools and puddles of water. Be armed with sufficient food to keep the energy level of your pets high. Carry light nutrient rich snacks to feed your pet frequently but avoid overstuffing them before a walk.

First Aid-

Hiking with your pet, while being adventurous may inflict some minor injuries on your beloved pet dog during the trail. Carry a handy canine first aid kit that will ensure immediate help to your pet in case it encounters a minor accident on the hiking trip. Take a note of the contents of the kit, which include, among others, hydrogen peroxide as a disinfectant, scissors to trim the fur around the wound, gauze pads and bandages to keep the wound protected from external foreign elements and the like.

Insulated jacket and cooling coats-

If you plan on hiking to some areas of harsh coldness, get your pet an insulated jacket or fleece to protect it from pinching cold temperatures. If your destination is a place for you to relax in the warmth of the summer sun, make sure your pet has a cooling coat to lower down its body temperature and avoid cases of hyperthermia.

Armed and ready with all the essentials, set a foot on your next hiking tour with your four-legged friends. Even dog boarding is ready to cater to your pets’ needs and let them enjoy the moments as much as they would have with you.

Happy camping!

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