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The Top Things to Carry for Your Dog in Summer

Top Things to Carry for Your Dog in Summer

The sunny days of summer are a great time to have fun with your dog outdoors. However, as temperatures climb each year, you need to look protect your pooch from the summer heat. From ensuring your pet walks more with certified dog walker Toronto and professional services to ensuring they have the right attire, it all helps.

Here's what you should carry with you during summers to give your dog relief from the hot sun.

Plenty of Water and Portable Bowl

Whether you are bringing your dog to the beach or going on a walk, keeping your furry friend hydrated is crucial. Carry enough fresh water to last the whole time you are outside. Also, bring along a portable bowl from which your dog can drink.

Give your dog 4 to 8 ounces of water every 15 - 20 minutes of activity.

Dog Cooling Vest

Various companies sell dog vests and bandanas that keep your mutt cool and happy. There's no need to freeze the vests; you can just wet it with cold water and wrap around your pooch.

Wet the vest from time to time if it gets dry under the hot sun.

Cooling Treats or Toys

The best way to entertain your dog and keep him cool is by bringing along some cooling dog toys. You can fill them up with water and freeze before giving to your dog. You can also make your own dog treats using ice and items available at home.

Towels, Dog Life Vests, Floating Mats

The best way for your dog to cool down is to splash around in the water. Even dog experts recommend letting your dog play in lakes, swimming pools or other water bodies during summer.

Dog vests are ideal to ensure the safety of your dog and keep him comfortable. The vests allow a full range of motion and don't interfere in the fun!

You can also take along a floating mat so that your mutt can chill without making an effort.

Also, don't forget to pack some old towels to dry off your dog after he comes out of the water.

Cooling Dog Bed

Are you taking your dog on a weekend adventure?

Summer adventures are great, but you need to prepare for them. You can carry along a cooling dog bed to keep your partner relaxed and chilled. The beds come with tufted pads and a layer of cooling gel to beat the heat.

Look After Your Dog in the Summer Months

Your dog needs to explore the outdoors. If you aren’t able to take your pet out for a walk every day, consider going for certified dog walker Toronto and professional services. Prioritize the health and comfort of your furry friend – and it’s easy too, with the many flexible dog walking packages to choose from.

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