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The Top Tips to Make Your Puppy Feel at Home

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

Make Your Puppy Feet at Home

Getting a new pup can be a challenging task if you have never done it before. You need to do everything to make the puppy feel at home as you are separating it from the mother and familiar conditions. Today, we are going to give you the top tips to make your puppy feel home instantly.

Prepare a Smooth Ride Home

Try to make the trip home as comfortable as possible for your puppy. You can use a basket with a comfortable cushion or towels. Keep some chewable toys handy if necessary. Caress or pat your pup's head a few times during the ride back to reassure him.

Create a Personal Place

After you have puppy-proofed your home, set up a space the puppy can call their own. You can dedicate a whole room o put a fence to create a space for your dog. Put the bed or crate in the space and scatter some toys to make it inviting.

Make the puppy sleep in this space regularly. Slowly they will gravitate to space and use it as a refuge.

Don't Rush Things

Whatever you do, don't rush things with your puppy. You should give it enough time to get used to you, your family members and your home. Patience is a virtue and need for taking care of a puppy.

● Get a pup who's at least eight weeks old.

● Show your pup around the house and let him sniff stuff.

● Introduce your pup to family members one-by-one.

● Don't put the puppy in a room with other pets in the first instance. You can take a cloth with the other pet's scent and keep it in your pup's bed to get him accustomed.

● Show them around the house

Dedicate Time to Create Bonding

You should socialize with your puppy to help him adjust to the new life. The best time to bond with your pup is up to 12 to 16 weeks after birth.

● Give your pupper a lot of attention

● Show as much love, kindness and gentleness as possible

● Create positive associations by offering food or treats

● Try to provide your pup with varied experiences

● Expose your puppy to outdoors and people once the vet gives a go-ahead

● Give frequent rewards for good behaviour (Refrain from using punitive measures)

Allow the Pup to Explore

Don't stop your dog from exploring the house. You can stop him from going to no-dog zones like bedrooms by keeping door shuts or using a dog gate. Be gentle and show your pup where he's allowed and where he's not.

You can also let your pup run or play in your backyard once he's accustomed to your home.

Sign Up for Puppy Classes

Your puppy won't most probably have any training. They will not understand basic verbal commands or house rules. That's why it's crucial to teach him the necessities from an early age. This will also help in forming good habits and desired behaviours reaching far into adulthood.

Go for Dog Walking Toronto Services

With the best Toronto dog walker services, your friend can go explore the outdoors every day. You can choose a flexible walking package for them, and don’t have to worry about them losing out on going out, when you are not at home. The dog walking Toronto experts will ensure your pet gets the daily dose of fun and excitement they need.

Look for the best Toronto dog walker and training services to give your pup the best of both worlds.

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