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The Top Winter Precautions for Your Pet

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Don’t let winters butt in on you and your dog’s happy time. With winters come uninvited guests – like the flu, cold, and fever. Everything seems to be going easy and calm, until a sneeze snaps you out of your dreamland; and even worse it comes from that friend with a tail. ‘No pain no gain’ thing doesn’t work - there is nothing to gain from winters other than cold and cough.

The Top Winter Care Tips for Your Pet

Different diseases can infect your pet dog. Don’t worry though – a few winter precaution tips for your pet can help significantly.

1. Sponge the paws

During winters, infections and cold can easily be spread from place to place by coming in contact with suspected surroundings. While dogs prowl around all day, they may carry muck and are susceptible to acquiring acute diseases. Keeping a check on their hygiene is equally important to cure them from any ailments. Wiping their paws every now and then aids in escaping this problem.

2. Don’t stroll them on cold surfaces

When you take your pet out for a walk try not to make them walk on extremely cold surfaces like water turned ice. Else, your pet can swiftly become prey to cold and other illnesses. It’s a good idea to leash them while taking them on the walk, some of you might call it rude but remember healthy being is a happy being.

You may also want to hire a reliable dog walker Torontoif you are unable to take your pet out for a walk daily. Professional dog walker Toronto can help ensure your pet remains healthy, and with the flexible packages, you can ensure your pet gets the exercise they need, even if you aren’t around.

3. Concentrate on their physical fitness

Winters tend to make all of us lethargic. We don’t want to get out of our sheets, munch all day on something exciting. However, being a lazy-daisy isn’t something you would want your dog to be do you? Not taking them out for a walk cannot be excused for not playing with them inside, instead indoor games can be made fun too.

4. Be prepared beforehand

Pre-heat the room so that when your dog enters the room, they don’t take the heat breeze from the blower directly. This also makes sure it doesn’t play around the blower or its wires.

5. Know what suits your pet

You’re the best friend of your dog. Study its patterns closely, observe what it is sensitive to. Keep it away from those things that directly or indirectly can make it sick. For instance, if heat from a blower isn’t comfortable for your pet, you need to look for alternatives.

It’s important to take care of your dog during the winters – and sometimes, it’s just a few simple lifestyle tips that you need to implement.

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