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Top Games To Play With Your Pet Dog this Winter

Games to play with your pet dog this winter

As the temperature drops below zero, your dog will either love to snuggle near the fireplace or play outside in the snow. Even if you feel lethargic and stay put indoors, your dog should not miss all the action.

Moreover, if your pet doesn’t get their regular dose of exercise, they can quickly get bored. It’s why you may want to take a look at a dog walking Toronto service. Don’t forget to play with your pet too, when you have the time.

The Top Games You Can Play With Your Pet Dog

Here are a few indoor and outdoor games for you and your best friend to enjoy this winter.

Snow maze. An all-time favorite, snow maze doesn’t go out of fashion, and your pet shall always enjoy no matter what. So take out your shovel and shovel out a maze. You may hide treats in the snow to make it more interesting. Release your dog at one end of the maze and let their nose do the talk!

Snow agility course. If your backyard has accumulated enough snow, you may create an agility course for your dog with snow. You may make humps and dig out tunnels. To guide your dog through the agility course, you may use treats to teach him to navigate through.

Throw and fetch. Nothing gets a dog more excited than a fetch. Make a snowball and hide a treat in it, just in case your dog has winter blues. Throw the ball, and let your pet run wild and chase the same. I am sure he will not be able to fetch the snowball to you, but both of you will have a gala time in the snow.

Go skijoring . If you have a large athletic breed of dog and prefer adventure outdoors during winters. You guys can try the Norwegian sport of skijoring. In this sport, the dog needs to wear a sled dog harness connected to its parent's harness through a rope. If your dog loves to run, he can easily pull you through snow over short and long distances, your choice, of course. Indeed it is an excellent exercise for your best friend this winter.

Hide and seek. It never gets old. If your pet hates outdoors during winter, hide and seek is a great option. It is good exercise for your dog's body and mind while it strengthens the bond between the two of you. However, to play this game, your dog must know the commands of 'sit' and 'stay'. In case your dog is not well versed with those commands, you can ask someone to hold your friend while you quickly hide. Next, call out the name loud! Have fun!

Automatic toys. If you are too sluggish to play with your dog, you may bring in some mechanical pet-friendly toys for your pet to play indoors. However, in case of the automatic chase and fetch toys, you have to train your dog first how to put the ball on the launch pit. These toys allow you to adjust the throw distance settings as well.

Tug of war. A very simple yet effective game. Get hold of any of your dog’s favorite rope toy and let him grab it at the end. Now pull back and forth the rope and make him pull with the full energy. Be careful not to pull too hard.

The rope might cause friction and rupture your pet’s gums. It is an excellent game to engage your dog and make him burn some calories and also cleans the teeth. If your dog follows, 'drop' commands, this will be more fun.

Don’t forget that your pet needs to take a walk every day, even if it’s cold. With a dog walking business Toronto service, you can do just that. Go for a walking package that suits your needs – and save more.

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