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Dog Walking Package

Busy with some office work, have no time for your dog? Don’t feel guilty. Jobs can get busier than usual but look no further! We are to help out with your furry companion. Start here with us, as we strive to be the best dog walking company in Toronto downtown.

Your four-legged pal is one of your family members – and we know that all too well.

We are CityPlace Dogs, the dog walking and boarding experts. Amongst premium dog walker Toronto services, we have specially designed dog walking packages that you will love. We synchronize with your busy schedule and budget, bringing you one of the best dog care services in Toronto.

We want to make every day an adventure. It’s the time of the day we look forward to the most, as we get to be with so many of our furry friends!

Depending on your schedule and needs, we offer the following walk packages for your dog:


Walk Package

Let’s talk about convenience. Not only is this package best-suited exactly for that, but you are also getting the best bang for your buck. You get as many as 120 walks, at $18 per walk. Each walk will be of an hour so your pal can get the most of their time; whether that be socially or for the extra exercise.

$18 x 120 / 1-HR PER WALK


= $2160

*Price may vary for specific dog needs or holiday schedules



Gold Package

Our Gold package is designed for those who are looking for short term services. Have more than one furry friend living with you? We offer a unique option incorporating dog walking packages and deals in Toronto for a second dog to be walked at a discounted rate*

*The second dog must be from the same household

You get 20 x 1hr walks at $25 per walk. If you have more than one furry friend in your home, they could tag along

$25 x 20 / 1-hr walks = $500

We offer the same deal for 20 x 30min walks at $22 per walk. Any additional dog from the same home can be brought along

$22 x 20 / 30-mins walks = $440

*Price may vary for specific dog needs or holiday schedules

Single Walks

* 3 walks minimum

Looking to try things out first? Wondering why we are among the highest rated “Best Toronto Dog Walker”? Try out our 1hr walk for your dog at just $35. We can also take an additional dog from the same home at $20 extra per walk.

1-hr walks $35

An additional dog from the same home $20 extra per walk 



Let us take your pal for a walk for 30min at $27 per walk. Add in another dog for $15 extra per walk.

30-min walks $27

An additional dog from the same home $15 extra per walk 

*Price may vary for specific dog needs or holiday schedules




For a limited time offer

Cityplace Dogs, Dogwalking is offering a special walk package of

45% Discount per walk of 30 minutes x 5 = $75


per walk





*Price may vary for specific dog needs or holiday schedules