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How to Train Your Dog?

How to Train Your Dog?

Dog training is no joke. You need to be well equipped and patient – else, you could teach your dog the exact opposite of what you want.

Remember, dogs are fun-loving creatures. They enjoy everything in a fun manner. They are notorious too, so handling that could be a bit challenging.

The Top Tips on How to Train Your Dog

We bring you some tips on how to train your dog that will help make your life easier, especially if you have got a new puppy.

1. Professional dog walking and dog boarding

Hiring professional dog walkers can help give your dog training and exercise. Your pet will be able to walk every day – what they need for good mental health. The dog walking professional will take your pet out to nearby areas, including parks and playgrounds. From walking to jumping, your dog’s going to get all the exercise and socializing they need - everyday!

When you are not around, a dog boarding GTA service can look after your pet. This includes feeding them, taking them out for walks and even ensuring your furry friend has different games to try out!

2. Through socialising

It is important for your dog to go out, make, friends and socialise not only physically but also for its mental health. This way, your dog will learn about different emotions and how to handle them.

3. Admitting them to dog schools

One can also consider admitting the dog to the dog school for advanced training. These schools teach by their own methods and it can be seen as a great place to make friends too.

4. Teaching them basic commands

At home, make your dog learn generalized instructions like not shitting inside the house, to sit or stand. You can teach them to recognize different sounds.

5. Reward them often

Giving them their favourite nugget is quite a good option for a reward. If the dog listens to you, reward it.

6. Don’t be too strict on them

If you think being strict to them would make them follow your instructions, here is a word of advice - it won’t. It will your dog uninterested in the activity and that won’t be cool.

7. Hire a Dog Boarding GTA service

Look to hire a dog boarding GTA service when you are out of town, to ensure your pet is well looked after. It’s one of the best alternatives to a pet sitter, and can help your pet reduce stress when you aren’t around.

A professional dog boarding GTA service has employees who understands the different pet needs, and ensures that dogs can interact with each other in a happy, healthy environment – so that when you don’t have to worry about your furry friend when you aren’t there.

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