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How do you know how much your dog needs to walk in a week?

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How long, how far and how often your dog needs walking is a question many dog owners ponder on. The answer depends on the age, health and breed of your dog. You cannot expect an agile German shepherd to stay inactive, and a toy or miniature poodle to run for a marathon.

Identify the needs of your dog based on their age and health conditions. It’s natural that a young dog and an adult one will have different requirements for walking.

Walking is a beautiful exercise. You get to connect with your dog. Socialization improves their health. Research suggests that It’s a good idea to take your dog for a walk twice a day: one in the morning and another at evening. With professional dog walking Toronto services, it gets more easier than you think. Choose from one of the flexible walking packages, and the dog walkers will ensure your pet goes out – even when you are not at home!

Our dog walking experts help you take your pet outside, everyday.

Know How Much Your Pet Needs To Walk

Walking your puppy for a long stretch positively effects their developing bones and body. Remember, they have insane energy levels. You can see them sprinting inside your house, and playing non-stop. Walking helps them socialize, and explore. Pause while walking and let them sniff.

By letting them sniff, you are giving exercise to their mental health as well. Choose a safer place, where there is no traffic, or dogs in the neighbourhood before letting them sniff. Teach them obedience skills, so that they understand your commands like ‘walk’ and ‘sniff’. By engaging your puppy in healthy walking, you can also teach them to socialize with other dogs in the neighbourhood.

Know the limits

Walking for adult dogs differ with breeds. Don’t put stress on dogs that aren’t suitable for agile sports activities. Also, check with your vet regarding the health conditions of your dog. If your dog has respiratory or cardiac issues, then it is better to follow the routine suggested by the doctor. It is important to stop the exercise when your dog feels uncomfortable or tired.

A senior dog also needs to walk, like a puppy or an adult dog. They need to walk every day to maintain a healthy lifestyle. They cannot, however, run like a puppy anymore. Considering their health, you can take them for a shorter walk in the neighbourhood. This special time also lets them connect with you.

As an owner of your dog, you know what your friend needs better than others. If you aren’t around or are on a vacation, don’t hesitate to let us take care of your dog walking Toronto needs.

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