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How much does your dog need to walk every day?

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

Does your dog lovingly wag its tail each time it hears the word ‘walk’? Do they get all bubble and excited in the evening when it’s their walk time?

You could be late for an appointment. Or try to avoid going outside when it’s raining. For your little friend, it’s not the same. It’s perhaps why you need the best dog walker Toronto services, but we will come back to it later.

Your furry friend loves walking, and you just cannot forget to take them out – for their mental and physical health.

Why Does Your Dog Need to Walk Every day?

Every dog needs to exercise. Dogs are very active animals and love outdoors, interacting with different things and exploring. Pet parents need to understand this.

Your pet needs a lot of exercise throughout the day to be fit and active. Body growth, bone growth, and brain growth all depends on the interaction with the outside world. A dog that does not get the chance to go for regular walks can become seriously depressed, reduce or break their eating habits, gradually worsening their health.

Apartment dogs are keener on going for walks with their humans, as they stay most of the time indoors, unlike working dogs who get all the exercise, attention, and plenty of outdoor activities. Walking with your dog regularly once or twice a day will improve not only your dog’s health but also his mental health. You get to do that with the best dog walker Toronto services even if you’re busy, who can take care of adult dog supervision too.

Do try to spend more time with your pet, though. Dogs that walk regularly or spend quality outdoor times with their families or human parents are found to develop a stronger bond with their humans.

By taking your dog for regular walks, you ensure:

● Your dogs stay healthy.

● Your dog remains in a stable and happy mental state.

● Your pet has physical improvements – like

● Your dog is experiencing social interaction with other animals and people.

● It’s the best way to keep your dog healthy, even when they aren't young.

Making exercise routines/walk schedules for your dog

The more interest you show towards the welfare of your dog’s physical and mental health, the stronger the bond you build with your furry friend. Dogs can sense energies. This means they can understand when they are being ignored and paid less attention.

To ensure your dog stays fit and healthy, you need to plan proper exercise or walk routines for your dog. Here are some ways and advice for walking your dog regularly:

● Make sure your dog spends at least an hour outside your home. If you can do this twice a day, you will have the happiest dog in the world.

● Make different exercise routines, so that your dog doesn’t get bored with the same routine.

● Divide your playtime into training, playing and walking, or jogging your dog.

● Take your dog to new places – it helps him interact more and builds his character.

Finally, don’t forget to take your pet on regular walks. With a high-rated dog walker Toronto services, you don’t have to worry. We can help you take your pet out for a walk every day, even when you are busy in that meeting. Or, out of town for a reason. We ensure your pal doesn’t have to stay at home, and you get to

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