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Tips to Maintain a beautiful home even with a pet dog

Maintain a beautiful home even with a pet dog

Having a pet dog and a clean home simultaneously seems to be antagonistic right? Remember the baby gorilla from Gerald Durell's 'A Gorilla In The Guestroom'? The little but significant acts of mischief by the small animal left the narrator's guest room in an utterly chaotic state.

Be it a pet dog or a fluffy cat, your furry friend is sure to leave footprints on the sands of time, both in your memory and maybe unwantedly on your home decor. Presenting before you are some effective ways to keep up the glam of your home even while petting your lively dog.

● Invest in Pet Proofing

Pet proof your home by keeping trash cans with a latching lid in your kitchen so that the garbage cannot be littered all around the floor. Keep dirty laundry in a safe place from where it cannot be dragged by your pet dog. Remove the temptations of such garbage beyond the scope of your pets.

● Take Care of The Carpets

Your carpets, linen and upholstery may get torn with time. Your pet may urinate or vomit on your plush linen and it becomes too toiling a job for you to wash it, especially after a hectic work day. Accentuate your home decor with pet friendly linen that is easy to wash. Keep a portable vacuum cleaner handy.

Wash and remove urine or vomit immediately as letting it stay might leave permanent stains. Keep stain removers handy as they turn out to be quite astute in cleaning stubborn marks and stains caused by pet litter.

● Automatic Vacuum Cleaner-

When there are furry pets in your home, you need to take care of hygiene. The fur can carry numerous microbes and be a breeding ground for diseases. Use automatic and lightweight vacuum cleaners to clean the piles of fur that lay scattered all over your house.

● Get a Cleaning kit

Do not forget to keep a lint roller in your cleaning kit. It is handy and an effective tool in cleaning up the mess created by your furry chum.

Rid your home of mudded paw prints even while letting your pet roam around in inclement weather with rain puddles and mud scattered around your home. Follow a routine and regularly trim the nails and wash the paws of your pup.

Too long nails may lead to the carpets being torn or curtains getting punctured. You may use a dog paw washer. Keep towels hanging on hooks nearby and use them wiping the dog's paw.

● Look to prevent fleas

An important hygienic aspect to keep in mind is flea prevention. Mark the dates and make all necessary arrangements to call for regular flea prevention measures by the agencies. Keep your surroundings spick and spack clean with vacuum cleaners, sprays and other useful cleaning tools.

● Don’t go for delicate items

Avoid ending up decorating your dining room with a carpet that is too delicate. A wash or two might leave it crumbled, leaving the impression that your room might have created. Use durable material that is easy to wash.

Worry not about any mess of shedding or dismantled furniture. Hack the tips listed above and enjoy loving moments with your pet.

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