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What to Do if You Come Across a Coyote on Your Dog Walk

coyotes attacking or killing pet dogs

Dog owners in Ontario have been alarmed by reports of coyotes attacking or killing pet dogs. The coyote incidents are not limited to rural areas, as many would suppose. Earlier this year, there had been many reports of coyote attacks even in cities like Toronto.

So, what should you do if you come across a coyote while walking your dog?

1. Keep Your Dog on Leash

You should have full control over your dog when you encounter a coyote. Hold the leash firmly and pick up smaller dogs in your arms. Don't let your dog run or approach the coyote out of curiosity. The encounter may not go well!

2. Assert Your Presence

Like all animals, coyotes generally avoid human encounters. Your presence is enough to make the coyote wary and possibly leave the scene.

● Don't lose eye contact with the coyote

● Stretch your body and make loud noises

● Never turn your back on the coyote

● Do not run as it can trigger the prey instinct and make the coyote attack

3. Scare the Coyote Away

If the coyote seems too curious about your dog, the best thing to do is to scare it away.

Don't worry- you are not being unkind or abusive! Keeping up the fear of humans in coyotes is important, as it can save them from harm or getting hunted. You can make loud noises, stomp your feet, yell, shake your jacket- in short, do everything to make the coyote leave the scene.

If it doesn't work, pick up some stones or branches and throw at the ground near the coyote. The animal may run, turn back, or look at you again- don't stop and continue hazing till it's out of the scene.

N.B.: Refrain from hazing a coyote during breeding and pupping season (February to July). You may make the coyote defensive and prone to attack. Just walk away slowly from the scene, maintaining eye contact, even if it makes you walk backwards.

How to Avoid Coyotes on Dog Walks?

You should keep a few things in mind while walking your dog in order to avoid coyotes-

Use a 6-Feet Leash

Don't use a leash that is too long or too short. 6-feet is the ideal length which allows freedom to your dog while keeping you in full control.

Avoid Coyote-Prone Areas

Don't take your dog for walks in areas with signs or reports of coyote sightings or attacks. This is especially applicable during the breeding and pupping season when coyotes are most defensive.

Don't Venture Out of Trails and Paths

Try to walk your dog in trails and paths and avoid bushy or forested areas. Open areas give you plenty of time to spot a coyote and take action.

Avoid Twilight Hours

Urban coyotes can be active at sunrise and sunset hours. So avoid walking your dog at these times to lessen chances of coming across a coyote.

Hire Professional Dog Walker Toronto Services

Always be on the lookout for coyotes and other wild animals while walking your dog. Consider going for the best dog walker Toronto if you aren’t around. They are professionals and know who to keep a dog safe from wild animals. Plus, with the flexible packages you’ve on offer, you can get one that suits your needs just right.

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